Ultimate Electric Vehicle Course in Chennai

Join EV Technology Training Course in Chennai

  • Real Time Learning Experience from Experts & Professionals Working in Leading Companies.
  • Learn From Scratch – No Prior Knowledge required. You only need a computer, an internet connection & a Desire to Learn.
  • 90 Days Intensive Training – Convenient Timings, Live training with Q&A – 2 hours a day.
  • Placement Assistance in Emerging Companies Globally.



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Electric Vehicle Course with Certification

Recognised by Government of India in the Skill Development Sector, SkillDzire certifications are valued by Companies.
This helps our students in their professional career.

This Electric Vehicle Technology Certification Course is designed for anyone with no prior knowledge to learn from scratch and after completion of the course, certification is provided.

EV Technology Course with Placement

This EV Course is also backed by our placement service on successful completion. At SkillDzire we have a very robust training and placement team who continuously work in association with different companies to create placement opportunities for our students.
SkillDzire is your one-stop-destination for real time job oriented courses. Here, candidates get to learn from industry professionals and obtain necessary certifications in their desired domains.

Learn to Design Your Own Electric Cars & Bikes

Upon successfully completing this EV Design Course, you’ll not only have a better understanding of how commercial electric vehicles are created, but you’ll also have the knowledge to design your own electric vehicle.

EV Course Syllabus & Course Details

9 Modules:

  • Introduction to Electric Vehicles
  • Automotive Design
  • EV Motors
  • Battery Technology & Design
  • Thermal Management of EV
  • Introduction to charging technology in EV
  • EV Electronics
  • BMS (Battery Management System)
  • Future Trends in EV

Work on Innovative Projects:

  1. Hands on Experience with Battery Pack Design.
  2. Conversion of Conventional Vehicle to Electric Vehicle.
  3. Single Cell & Multi Cell (Battery Pack) Modelling & Simulation.

Electric Vehicle Career Opportunities in Chennai

After successfully completing this course, you’ll be able to use all the learned knowledge in a real life setting. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of possible designations you can apply for after this course ends:

450+ Companies Have Hired SkillDzire Learners

and many more..

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Frequently Asked Questions

After 45 days of joining date we will initiate placement process based on students performance, which will be decided by mock-interviews & technical tests on every Saturday.
We will take care about your grooming sessions like communication, body language etc.

YES! All Job-Oriented Courses have Easy Monthly Installments & Pay Later options. EMIs are starting from ₹999/-* based on the course and bank chosen.
No-Cost EMI is also available for selected courses.
Payment partners: EarlySalary, ZestMoney & Pay Later by ICICI Bank. EMI on Credit/Debit Cards are also available with most banks.
Note: These credit facilities are provided by third-party service providers and not directly managed by SkillDzire. So you may be subject to their eligibility criteria and requirements like your Credit Score and banking partner’s terms and conditions.

As per our placement reports, for most of the in-office jobs like design engineer, companies prefer female candidates. Almost 30-40% of these positions are occupied by female candidates.

Based on your preference. If you wish to work in Delhi, we’ll prioritize accordingly and connect you to the companies in Delhi.
But please make sure that you can attend interviews in your selected cities.

NO! Anyone can join irrespective of their (%) percentages. Only requirement is to have a Dezire to Learn.

Daily 3–4 Hrs.
Monday – Friday.

You just need a laptop & an internet connection.

Duration depends on the course you choose. Usually it is 90 Days for Courses & 4 Weeks for Skillshots (Internships).

Online LIVE & Recorded Sessions.

We will provide video recordings of that particular session(s).

We will show you career path in all directions like designations, packages, onsite offers etc. Our 2 months of intensive training is equivalent to the knowledge gained in 2 years of industry exposure.

We have dedicated Placement Team, actively contacting companies and top recruiters across India, and scheduling interviews for all our qualified students, Everyday!

The Ultimate EV technology Training Course in Chennai – learn EV Technology from Scratch.

The Ultimate & Comprehensive Course on Electric Vehicle Technology in India, is now available in Chennai.

You’ll spend 90 days with Industry Experts & Professionals to learn the latest technology and discover about the inner workings of EVs to walk-in with confidence.

If you’re serious about becoming a leader in the car manufacturing industry then this is the course for you!
Learn how to design, manufacture, operate, repair, Maintain, and service the electric vehicles.

Is Electric Vehicle Technology a good career option?

Fortune 500 companies like Tata Motors, Hero MotoCorp, Mahindra, and Hyundai are actively hiring skilled professionals with Electric Vehicle Technology.
While the world is going electric, there are a few people who are going electric with their careers. Electrical and computer engineers with EV technology skills are the most sought after professionals, with highest paid jobs and a bright future ahead for sure.
It is evident that the future belongs to the electric vehicle technology. The number of Electric Vehicles sold is expected to rise to more than 50 million worldwide by 2025.
The Indian government has announced a tender for 10,000 EVs. Moreover, various state governments have announced subsidies for EVs, and several manufacturers, including Mahindra and Mahindra, Tata Motors and Kinetic, have announced that they would invest $500 million in EVs. The question then is: Why NOT learn and work in EV technology?

Explore the future of Electric Vehicles (EVs), Batteries, and Battery Management Systems (BMS).

Students will learn in detail about all aspects of electric vehicles: the battery management system, charging system and charging technology, ev designing, ev motors and their working, thermal management of electric vehicles, etc.
This Electric Vehicle Technology Certification Course is designed in such a way that no prior knowledge of EV is required to learn in-depth from scratch with real time industry knowledge.

What is the future scope of the Electric Vehicle industry?

Electric vehicle technology is definitely the future, at least for a couple of decades according to experts. If you are looking for a career in this field, you shouldn’t miss the chance to be a part of this growing industry.
The technology of electric vehicles is gaining more and more popularity around the world, and there is a huge demand for new technology and a large number of skilled professionals. It is obvious that electric vehicle technology is going to be a large industry in the coming future.
The scope of the Electric Vehicle industry is huge, and with so much improvements in the technology, it is having such a great growth potential.
The problem is that the technology is so new and so different, that people often think of electric vehicles as a toy car. Although it’s easy to see why: the car doesn’t have a large engine and it’s not as fast and powerful as a gas-powered car. However, the technology is progressing very quickly and we’re not that far away from having electric cars that can compete with gas-powered cars in most aspects, and even in some aspects they can be better than gas-powered cars.

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