Geographic Information System Using QGIS

  • 8 Modules
  • 4 Weeks
  • 2,999


Module 1 : Theory Session – GIS

Geographic Information System (G.I.S)

GIS Data Models

Data Acquisition

Coordinate System and Map Projections

Module 2 : Practical Session – QGIS & GPS

Practical Session – QGIS & GPS

Module 3 : Introduction

Concepts of Spatial Data Analysis

Module 4 : Mapping the visualization & distribution of spatial data

Introduction to shapefiles and exploring their properties in QGIS

Visualize Shapefiles Using Qualitative Attributes in QGIS

Visualize Shapefiles Using Quantitative Attributes in QGIS

Module 5 : Vector geo-processing

Spatial joins in QGIS

Basic Shapefile statistics in QGIS

Add Buffer Areas to Shapefiles in QGIS

Create Outer Buffers in QGIS

Union of Two Shapefiles in QGIS

Clip Vector Data in QGIS

Intersection of two vectors in QGIS

Module 6 : Point pattern analysis

Heat maps in QGIS

Brief Introduction to the Concepts of Interpolation

Interpolating point data in QGIS

Module 7 : Raster data processing

Display Raster Data in QGIS

Zonal Statistics in QGIS

Merge Rasters in QGIS

Clip a Raster Using a Shapefile in QGIS

Geo-referencing in QGIS

Module 8 : Web Mapping in QGIS


Trending SkillShots

Space Flight

Drones Technology

3D Printing & Design