Robotics Internship

  • 2 Modules
  • 4 Weeks
  • 2,999


Pre requisites

Basic Engineering Mathematics

Automation and Control

Learning outcomes

Perform kinematic and dynamic analyses with simulation

Design control laws for a robot

Integrate mechanical and electrical hardware for a real prototype of robotic device

Select a robotic system for given application

Module 1 : Detail contents

Introduction to Robotics

Robot Kinematics and Dynamics

Sensors and Vision System

Robot Control

Robot Actuation Systems

Control Hardware and Interfacing

Module 2 : Practicals

Study components of a real robot and its DH parameters

Forward kinematics and validate using software (Robo Analyser or any other free software tool)

Inverse kinematics of the real robot and validation using any software

Use of open source computer vision programming tool openCV

Image Processing using openCV

Image Processing for color/shape detection

Positioning and orientation of robot arm

Control experiment using available hardware or software

Integration of assorted sensors, micro controllers and ROS in a robotic system

Project work

Trending SkillShots

Space Flight

Drones Technology

3D Printing & Design