SDS2 Internship

  • 12 Modules
  • 4 Weeks
  • 2,999


Module 1 : Introduction to structural steel detailing

Introduction, steel and types of structural steel members, basic unit conversation, calculations on imperial units

Understanding about detailing process per American industrial standards

Basics knowledge on structural steel grades

Abbreviations & Importance

Module 2 : Understanding of member end connections

Basic knowledge on Anchor rods for anchoring columns to concrete foundation

Basic knowledge on Bolting steel elements per AISC standards

Basic knowledge on welding per AISC standards including pre qualified welds & weld symbols

Understanding of connections (Shear, Axial & Moment connections)

Module 3 : Understanding of osha standards

Basic knowledge on avoiding tripping hazards

Basic knowledge on safety cable holes & life line holes/fall arrest holes

Basic knowledge OSHA requirements for various structural members

Module 4 : Understanding of abm & bom

Advanced bill of materials & Bill of material topics

Understanding of AISC standards & manuals

Module 5 : Preparing shop/fabrication drawings

Study & Understanding of Contract documents

Detailing of structural steel members/Preparing shop drawings mentioned below

Detailing of Beams- Straight, sloped & curved

Detailing of Columns- Straight & Kinked columns

Detailing of Horizontal & Vertical braces

Detailing of Miscellaneous members like rolled angles & Bent plates

Detailing of stairs & handrails

Module 6 : Preparing erection drawings/field use drawings

Study & Understanding of Contract documents

Preparation of Anchor Bolt layout plans

Preparation of Embed plate plans & Lintel Plans

Preparation of Main Steel framing plans

Preparation of Misc. Steel framing plans

Preparation of Stair & Handrails plans

Module 7 : Developing 3d model of steel building

Study & Understanding of Contract documents & Grids input

Member placement per Contract documents

ABM generation for steel members

Developing connections to structural steel members

Creating miscellaneous members per contract documents

Modeling of Stair & Handrails plans

Module 8 : Basic knowledge of tool setup

SDS2 Setup knowledge for members, connections etc

ABM generation for steel members

Module 9 : Basic knowledge of complex elements

Using of various shortcuts in detailing/Modeling

Development of complex connections & Truss modeling

Module 10 : Basic knowledge of checking of drawings

Model checking of Various elements

Checking of shop Drawings including sub materials

Checking of Erection Plans including section details

Module 11 : Basic knowledge of calculations & reports

Generating load calculations per EOR submittals

Creating various reports like CNC ,KSS ,Material Summary

Module 12 : Basic knowledge of final submission process

Preparing Final drawings for EOR Approval

Incorporating approver comments in BFA returns

Zipping 3D models & IFC files for coordination of plumbing, mechanical & Electrical trades

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