Switchgear & L.T. Panel Design

  • 9 Modules
  • 4 Weeks
  • 2,999


Module 1 : Basic & Working of Switchgear

Overview & Basic Switchgear

Application & Use of Switchgear ( Protection & Control )

What is Thermal & what is Magnetic protection with Example and working

Module 2 : Types of Low Tension Panels

Main LT , APFC & PCC Panel


Control+PLC, VFD, Mimic, SFU, FSP, MSP, BBC, Metering & BMS Integrated Panel

Module 3 : Understanding of Drawings

Electric Symbol, Legends & Load Calculations

How to Read Single Line Diagram & Multi Line Diagram

Module 4 : DOL Starter

What is Direct Online Starter

Power & Control Circuit of DOL Starter

DOL with Current & Voltage Sensing Single Phasing Protection

Industrial Panel DOL Starter with different rating motor

Interlock between DOL Starters

Module 5 : Star Delta Starter

What is Star Delta Starter & its Working

Power & Control Circuit of Fully Automatic Star Delta Starter Part-1

Power & Control Circuit of Fully Automatic Star Delta Starter Part-2

Interlock between Star Delta Starter

Module 6 : Type I & Type II Co Ordination of Starters

Type I and Type II Co Ordination Part-1

Type I and Type II Co Ordination Part-2

Module 7 : VFD & PLC

What is Variable Frequency Drive

Control Panel with VFD

Industrial VFD Panel with PLC & Microcontrollers

Module 8 : Panel Design

Forms of Panel

Panel Specification

Panel Assembly

General Arrangement Drawing

Module 9 : Wires & Cable

Wire & Cables & its Current Carrying Capacity

Cable Schedule, Cable Termination, Glanding & Tagging

Trending SkillShots

Space Flight

Drones Technology

3D Printing & Design