Short Term Job Oriented Courses for Mechanical Engineers

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It’s an old story that has been repeated a million times – you complete your mechanical engineering degree and decide to look for a job.

Many students want to get into a job as soon as possible after completing the degree, without understanding the industry and demand.

After a few months, you realize that it’s not as easy as you thought, and there are no jobs that are in line with your education.

Or, maybe you have been working in a job that is not relevant to your education, and you feel that you need to get some advanced training before you get promoted.

You might be thinking: is it too late for me to take a training program?

Well, the answer is NO.

There are lots of options for short term courses after mechanical engineering that will help you get that promotion and improve your career prospects.

Nowadays, many young engineers and college students are looking to get certified by opting for short-term courses in emerging technologies.

But, in what way are these short-term courses beneficial?
Are they as good as a full-time course?
What do you gain out of it?

Apart from the obvious advantages of certification and exposure, short-term courses are a great way to get an in-depth knowledge of a particular field.

Especially when you are just starting your career, it is important to gain the right exposure and know-how of the field you are going to work in.

Short-term courses are a great way to get that exposure and make a positive impact on your career.

There are plenty of job oriented courses for mechanical engineers to pursue after the completion of a bachelor’s degree.

Although there are many work opportunities in various sectors, pursuing a specialization in a particular field opens your horizons to career paths you may never have imagined before.

Some of the most popular courses after mechanical engineering are discussed below.

Top 25 Job Oriented Short Term Online Courses for Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical Engineering is one of the most sought-after fields in India according to a recent study carried out by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

With an increase in the demand for mechanical engineers, there is a great scope of growth and employment in this field.

The salary is also higher than any other field. This is the reason why so many students aspire to become mechanical engineers.

However, even after completing the course of mechanical engineering, it is very difficult to get a job in the same field. Why is it so, despite of the demand?

Its because – the demand is for Trained Mechanical Engineers who are industry-ready.

And, many students are not sure of what course they want to do after completing their BE/B. Tech in mechanical engineering.

Here goes the list of best job oriented courses after mechanical engineering:

Why Pursue Short Term Courses After Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the most popular and tough courses in the country, and because of this, many students find it hard to cope with the amount of work and complicated syllabus that this course provides.

Even after 4 long years of hard work and effort, it’s difficult to get a good job.

This is one main reason students prefer to take up short term courses after mechanical engineering and there are many reasons why!

Advantages of pursuing short term courses after mechanical engineering:

  • Short Duration
  • Multiple options to choose from
  • Master in one specialization
  • Get real world experience
  • Online learning facility available
  • Less course fees
  • Get your desired job faster

With the rapid rise in the number of people opting for online courses and online training, many people are wondering which is the best option.

Whether it’s a diploma, certificate, or a degree, the choice often depends on the student’s reasons for pursuing the course.

One of the best ways to make the right decision is to weigh the pros and cons of short-term classes vs. long-term courses.

If you are a mechanical engineer, or if you are planning to become one, you might want to consider a short term course that is job oriented.

A short term course is a great chance to learn a new skill or get up to date with changes in the industry.

For example, if you are a mechanical engineer working as a technical consultant, you can opt for a 90 Days Online Mechanical Design Course.

Mechanical Design Courses in Detail:

There are several cross-discipline mechanical design courses out there that cater to different industry-oriented interests.

This is interesting because it depends on where you’re headed with your career in the field. You should find a course (or courses) that excite you enough!

Ansys Online Course

ANSYS is a general-purpose finite element analysis solution. It tackles with numerous disciplines such as mechanical, environmental, fluid and thermal problems or even electromagnetic ones.

Applying ANSYS solutions to finding “solutions to complex engineering problems” gives users the capability to define their software experience.

ANSYS is like your most reliable friend.

It’s such an awesome modelling package that helps you with all of your mechanical problems, whether they be static or dynamic, structural analysis or even electromagnetic ones, and more!

This 4 weeks Online Course on Ansys is designed for educators, high school & college students, and engineers.

Educators and professors can use the courses to impart fundamental physics in a classroom setting.

Students and engineers can take this course to master select subjects through self-paced learning.

Autodesk AutoCAD Online Course

Autodesk AutoCAD (ACAD) is a software application used to help with the design of buildings, vehicles and much more.

Designers, professional architects, construction consultants, and engineers use it for both 2D drawings and 3d models.

Whether you want to automate tasks, create optimal plans for your clients with comparison tools (such as count, measure grid, schedule), or make sure things fit just right on a site-plan with drawings and vertical surface measures; Autodesk can help.

Check out this 4 Weeks AutoCAD Online Course.

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Casting & Forging Part Design Online Course

This course is intended to introduce the characteristics of production casting and forging.

The characteristic features of various types and processes of raw casting and welding are discussed in detail with examples and video clips from industries.

The course is designed for undergraduate engineering students as a part of core production technology, as well as for practicing engineers who want to enrich their knowledge to innovate and find more efficient, productive resources.

You can join this Short Term Online Course on Casting & Forging Part Design.

Plastic Part Design Online Course

The Plastic Part Design course provides an overview of how various plastic part design factors work and what they mean to product function, manufacturing cost, or product reliability just to name a few.

In this course, the contemporary design methodology is discussed as well as the importance of determining your product’s end-use requirements.

Upon completion you will have a thorough understanding of all the material and theoretical design factors that need to be taken into consideration when creating first-class plastic products.

State-of-the-art plastic part design factors mean so much to your product’s longevity.

Check out this 4 Weeks Online Course on Plastic Part Design.

Product Design Online Course

Product design is a fundamental skill that many new product managers lack. It’s an important one because product designers play key roles in production.

The best product designers are equipped with the ability to conceptualize their products from the user perspective across several functions in order to create and understand interfaces between the physical and digital worlds that offer superior usability and functionality to end users – all within a budget.

This online course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of product design.

You can learn all about the theories and industry topics through hands-on homework by sketching and model-making.

The course will focus on project based learning, which means you’ll get a solid understanding of what it takes to achieve a successful product design project.

Aspiring or practicing product managers who don’t have product design skills needn’t despair because this course will give you everything you need to get started.

Professional tutor will guide you through assignments and projects that may come handy when preparing for interviews!

For more details on the course curriculum check out the 4 weeks Product Design Online Course.

Sheet Metal Design Online Course

Sheet metal applications for Siemens NX is provides an interface that engineers can leverage to design sheet metal parts.

It incorporates all the information an engineer might need when working with steel, aluminum, and other metals that can be used to design the components of machinery, equipment, enclosures, brackets and other parts that are molded in a brake press.

Typically more than 85% of those who work with sheet metal use NX CAD as their sole application to help them design their products.

Sheet metal tools within Siemens NX CAD provide designers an expansive variety of industry-specific design options at discrete levels.

It is an extremely helpful CAD tool that allows engineers to create the accurate 3D models of various metals that are used in the manufacturing sector.

Learning about sheet metal applications is an excellent way to improve your experience as an industrial designer.

Check out the detailed curriculum of Sheet Metal Design Online Course.

SOLIDWORKS Online Course

SOLIDWORKS™ is a software tool that’s used from the conceptualization of a design until the final stages of production .

As the world’s leading 3D-modeling tool, it supports interactive learning of 3D modeling and works on 3D visualization of engineering products.

The course aims to give students an overview of the essentials they need to become a Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate.

This course teaches budding professionals the necessary skills to create their next big thing!

Students will be able to produce innovative designs with ease using this course, a top-notch software tool for anyone interested in obtaining outstanding results.

Find out more details about the SOLIDWORKS Online Course.

Unigraphics Online Course

The Unigraphics NX (commonly referred to as just NX) is owned by Siemens PLM software and is an integrated and advanced CAD/CAM/CAE solution.

Building a product takes time and a lot of effort, there’s no denying that.

But with over twenty years in the field and plenty of new features added to make it easier, the product is an integrated design solution that streamlines and increases development processes.

So if you’re just starting out or have had your fair share of this process for some time now, we hope there is something about Unigraphics NX software to assist you in delivering innovative products.

If this sounds like you, then it’s imperative to learn how to get started with the right training.

The course aims the needs of students who will be using NX on a regular basis. In consideration of the beginner level and experienced, the pace and topics have been carefully planned.

Trending Courses for Mechanical Engineers:

A few trending courses based on rapidly growing technologies that are gradually gaining popularity among mechanical engineers:

3D Printing and Design Online Course

3D printing is the process by which a digital file is reshaped into a solid three dimensional object by adding layers.

There are numerous 3D printing technologies and materials, all of which operate on the same principle: that you have to have a digital model in order to make an object become real.

The technology has come a long way since it was first used in 1984 and now can be used both at home and at large-scale industrial manufacturing plants.

It’s possible to print almost anything in your own home or office, and 3D printers have already revolutionized the healthcare industry by making prosthetic limbs, mechanical devices, etc.

One thing is certain — there are limitless possibilities when it comes to 3D printing!

Check out more details of the 3D Printing and Design Online Course.

3DS Max Online Course

3ds MAX is a versatile and full featured 3D designing application developed by Autodesk that’s been rated as the best 3D software for many years running.

Being cross-platform compatible with different operating systems such as Windows, one can create limitless combinations of parametric designs with this program.

This course will help students and professionals learn about the basics of 3D modeling and texturing along with 3D rendering, aligning and animating any object or character in under 5 minutes without having to rely on other plugins or applications.

Candidates who have basic knowledge of programming language can also take this course because it covers the fundamentals that are necessary to know while working on this application.

Chock out more details and course curriculum of 3DS Max Online Course.

Space Flight Online Course

It’s safe to say that the space business is booming, with the launch of the first private crewed spacecraft around the corner!

Featuring revolutionary lessons about high altitude rocket launching for amateur purposes, this certificate program will have you asking “can I get a ticket to space?”

This course is designed to allow you develop foundational knowledge in aerospace engineering as well as commercial spaceflight.

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This course offers a fantastic opportunity to explore these promising industries and trigger your ideal aerospace engineering career in areas like spacecraft construction and orbital mechanics.

Our field experts are predicting a significant rise in jobs within commercial spaceflight in the coming years.

Learn more about the most rare and futuristic Space Flight Online Course.